Talent Concept

PLATINA Industrial Sewing Machine 

As a growing company, we hope to follow the trend and attract people with ideals and aspirations to join us.

Company hopes

Employees'creativity, execution and sense of responsibility in their work all depend on their loyalty to the enterprise.

Staff requirements

Do your best to provide employees with development opportunities, dream of employees...

Common development

Recruitment Post

Recruitment post

Job title
Number of recruits
Release date
10 person

1. Proficiency in CAD and 3D drawing software design; 2. Master the knowledge of automatic control specialty; 3. Experience in sewing equipment industry or automobile industry.

2 person

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Advertising, age 20-32; 2. Solid foundation of writing, strong ability of expression and logical thinking; 2. Publishing articles in relevant newspapers or magazines and organizing relevant cultural activities are preferred.

20 person

1. Having more than 2 years working experience in the same position is preferred, with driving license; 2. Strong executive ability, able to work under pressure. Clear thinking, agile, oral expression ability.

Note:Recruitment hotline:86-0574-81688999


Recruitment hotline:0574-81688999